85 Rue de la Liberte - Tangier

The El Minzah Hotel is perched on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Straits of Gibraltar and the bay of Tangier. Its somewhat modest Greco entry belies the luxury, beautiful views and exotic architecture that one finds within. The El Minzah has character. Once the residence of a wealthy British gentleman, the El Minzah now hosts that eclectic breed that chooses Tangier as their point of entry into Morocco - authors, actors, the well off, or just those in the know. Sitting in the wine bar, you might find a photo of Jacque Cousteau smiling down upon you while he was sitting at the same table."Enjoying your fish, mon ami?"

Yet, there is nothing snobbish about the El Minzah. It is relatively small (140 rooms), reasonably priced (around $150) and tended by a sharp and friendly staff. You really haven't completed your Moroccan experience until you've been to Tangier and the El Minzah.

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